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Want Long, Thick, and Healthy Hair?

Do you want longer, thicker hair? Try our newest product line: L'Oreal Serie Expert Pro Longer 💗

L'Oreal Serie Expert Pro Longer

This hair care system will be sure to provide you with amazing results! Stop by Belleza Salon today and grab the following products to create the perfect hair routine:

- Renewing Shampoo: $36.06 - Pro Longer Conditioner: $36.06 - Pro Longer Concentre: $30.90 - Pro Longer Masque: $41.20 - Renewing Leave-In Cream: $28.84

Balayage long hair

STEPS: 1) Shampoo twice- one for cleansing, one for treating 2) Apply the conditioner and masque. If using the Concentre, mix it in once a week. Apply to the ends of your hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. 3) Apply small amount of leave-in cream to the ends of hair, then blow dry and style! ✨

Stop by Belleza Salon today and try the new line to get on the path of long, beautiful hair you've always dreamed of!

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