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keeping moments special in the midst of a pandemic


Faux mohawk braid
Fauxhawks create a beautiful mixture between hard and soft. With edgy vibes along with the illusion of endless hair and volume, this style is perfect for your wedding day!

A Soft Glow

wedding makeup look
A soft, glowy makeup application has become one of the most trendy things in 2020! Create a sweet and subtle look with our bareMinerals line. If you want to glam it up a bit, add lashes or upgrade to airbrush makeup for a perfect HD photo finish!
naked wedding cake

Naked  WeddingCakes

Naked cakes are becoming more and more popular in the cake industry. They look beautiful with a few additional flowers, and are a great way to cut out sugar content for a healthier alternative! 
wedding plated food

Plated Food

The food portion of weddings is tricky during a pandemic. Don't stress! Play it safe and cater plated food so there aren't large groups of people gathering around and touching buffet items.
live stream weding

Live Stream!

We understand that you may be missing out on inviting a lot of your guests to a wedding due to restrictions and guidelines, but they don't have to miss out completely! Ask your photographer or videographer for additional help in Live Streaming your event to Facebook or another social platform for guests to tune in virtually.
Change the date

"Change the Date"

Instead of saving a date, you may need to consider "change the date" cards for providing a new guest count, location, or form of being part of your special day.


If you're struggling to find a venue, get a refund, or simply have the fear of booking a location with current uncertainty, consider eloping! Eloping has many perks that you may not be aware of. With an intimate setting, beautiful location, and only you or your closest loved ones, this is a great option during the pandemic. Not only this, but there are even on-location wedding planners that specialize in elopements to help in the process!
fun wedding invites

Bold Wedding Invites

If your guests are unable to attend your special day or you had to implement restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend, you can still send out wedding favors to make them feel included! Try sending something personal with a cute little note. A great source for this is the company, Greetabl, located right in St. Louis!