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2020 Bridal Trends

Loose Waves

Loose Waves with beautiful, detailed hair pieces are a timeless option for your wedding day hairstyle!

A Soft Glow

A soft, glowy makeup application has become one of the most trendy things in 2020! Create a sweet and subtle look with our bareMinerals line. If you want to glam it up a bit, add lashes or upgrade to airbrush makeup for a perfect HD photo finish!

Functional Gowns

Functional gowns have become popular so you are comfortable on your special day!

Naked  WeddingCakes

Naked cakes are becoming more and more popular in the cake industry. They look beautiful with a few additional flowers, and are a great way to cut out sugar content for a healthier alternative! 

Greenery Bouquets

Greenery like eucalyptus or tree ferns add a great finishing touch to create the perfect bouquet! 

Food Walls!

Food walls have been all around the wedding scene the past couple months, from donuts to pretzels and more! This is a great feature to have at your wedding that will be a piece your guests will never forget!

Rustic Venues

Rustic spaces have been trending for years, but still rank high for 2020 venue vibes!

Wood Plank Decor

Wood planks are an inexpensive & beautiful way to decorate spaces. The options are endless with these cost-effective pieces, & you can repurpose them after the wedding so they don't go to waste! This is a great eco-friendly decor option.

Bold Wedding Invites

Wedding invites are the first impression your guests will see as a sneak peek of your wedding! Add bold, contrasting colors and a high-quality velvet paper for a vintage touch.