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Belleza Salon is proud to offer professionally trained Di Biase and Bellami hair extension specialists using only the finest quality of human hair.


Di Biase Fusion Hair Extensions are best for most types of hair and are recommended for extended wear.  Fusion hair is often chosen for length, volume and/or thickness. Di Biase uses keratin bonds and only 100% remy hair.  Fusion extensions last from 3-5 months.  These bonds are able to be split into smaller sections and are capable of being attached to an incredibly small section of hair while remaining virtually undetectable.  This is extremely important in assuring the integrity of thinner hair types.  This is often a great option for hair reconstruction due to thinning as a result of stress, illness or medical treatments.  Please mention thinning hair when setting up your complimentary consultation to assure you are scheduled with a specialist who has had extended training in hair reconstruction.


Hand-tied weft extensions involve the use of beads. In this method, beads are used to form rows across your head, utilizing your own hair. It can last around 6-8 weeks before needing maintenance. These type of hand-tied weft hair extensions (especially from Bellami) are best for fine to medium hair. We also offer volume weft extensions and flex weft extensions


Di Biase and Bellami Tape-in/Sticker Hair Extensions are best for healthy hair and a great option for length.  Tape-in/Sticker hair can be worn from 1-2 months. The hair can then be treated, retaped and reapplied for several more applications.


Clip In Hair Extensions are a great choice for occasional wear and need to be removed daily.   The hair is secured with small clips and worn throughout the hair.


Halo Extensions are great for daily or occasional wear and are also removed daily.  This hair is secured with an extremely thin but strong plastic string and is extremely gentle on your hair with repeated wear.  It is not suitable for extremely thick or very thin fine hair.

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