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What is Balayage?

Did you hear? It's National Balayage Week!

National balayage week

Let's start with the basics. What is a balayage?

To balayage means to "sweep" or paint, and in the beauty industry it has developed into one of the hottest techniques used for hair color specialists!

Now, how do you pronounce it?

Many people ask this question and it is super common to use the incorrect pronunciation, so don't feel embarrassed! Balayage is pronounced "baa·luh·yaazh."

Soft balayage hair

What does the balayage technique do?

Receiving a balayage color service is one of the top-requested services in the salon industry. This technique provides a beautiful blend of colors to create soft dimension and melted color perfection!

Brunette balayage hair

Is a balayage service different than a typical highlight/lowlight service?

YES! The difference lies within the technique. A highlight and lowlight service usually requires some type of foiling and weaving technique, whereas a balayage service provides more of a soft stroke that is painted on the hair.

O'Fallon MO hair salon

Call or text us!

Our color specialists at Belleza Salon love providing balayage services! If you are interested in learning more, booking an appointment, or booking a complimentary consultation, call or text 636-300-3437! ✨

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