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Meet Your New Skin Care Routine!

Men's skin care

Does your man not really care about his skin? Are you looking to change it up yourself? Try our exclusive Element Skincare line at Belleza Salon! Created by our very own salon owner and esthetician, the line of products is made with quality ingredients to keep skin looking young, fresh, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Element skin care for men

Shop Element Skincare online through our website or visit us in-salon! We have 5 amazing products to choose from so you can create the perfect catered skincare package to fit your needs. If you'd like to learn a little more about the products and all the benefits they offer, keep reading!

1. WATER: cleanse & refresh


Mens skin cleanser

Water cleanses and refreshes problematic skin that has been exposed to everyday harmful elements. Water gently removes excess oil and dead skin cells that often cause the look of aged skin.

You will feel confident with the help of Glycolic and Lactic Alpha-Hydroxy Acids synergistically working as a non abrasive exfoliation while effectively cleansing the skin.

2. EARTH: anti-aging + antioxidant


Men's anti-aging serum

Take charge of delaying the appearance of aged skin and inhibit oxidation through the daily use of anti-oxidants.

Once absorbed this Red Tea age defying serum formula will ward off free radicals and improve the overall complexion of your skin. Red Tea extract boasts multiple anti-oxidants including Super Oxide Dismutase, for an incredible dose of free radical fighting power.

3. OXYGEN: hydrate + protect


Men's SPF

With SPF 25, OXYGEN daily moisturizer both hydrates and protects the skin by providing daily broad spectrum protection in a long wear formula.

This silky lightweight formula nourishes the skin with healthy, hydrating ingredients.

4. WIND: tighten + renew


Men's eye cream

This miracle cream uses ingredients to directly battle the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Treating the eye region will keep them guessing your age. Wrinkles and swelling make an incredible difference when it comes to perceiving one's years of age.

WIND Eye Cream uses 3 key ingredients to fight the daily elements your skin is exposed to. Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract, Caffeine and Butchers Broom Extract are the natural derived ingredients that work simultaneously to drastically approve the appearance of the eye area resulting in more youthful ad awake appearance.

5. TITANIUM: weekly exfoliating treatment


Men's exfoliating treatment

Excess dead skin cells accumulate in the epidermal layer of the skin as we age. This results in a dull and rough complexion do to the slower natural shedding process as we age.

TITANIUM instills the benefits of micro-dermabrasion resulting in the glow of younger more radiant skin that was hiding just below the surface. This weekly must have product exfoliates using medical grade aluminum oxide crystals to wash away the weeks dead skin cell build up ad dirt.

Skin sloughing and dirt drawing crystals are mixed with power packed anti-oxidants to ensure the radiant newly exposed skin cells are provided with necessary moisturization and essential oils.

Men's skincare

If you want a bundle of all Element Skincare items, you can grab "The Journey" package including all of the skincare items and a canvas bag for just $170.00!

Help yourself or a loved one by telling them about Element Skincare! Get your skin routine on track and take care of your largest organ.

It's never too early to start!

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