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5 Beauty Tips While Social Distancing

Beauty tips

Are you looking to find things to keep you busy while social distancing? Has your routine been disrupted by COVID-19 and recent guidelines? The Belleza Team is here to help! We have the top 5 tips to help get you back in the swing of things while practicing some self-care!

  1. Care for your skin! Our skin is our biggest organ, so we should feel the need to protect it each and every day. SPF is something that should be worn daily to keep harsh UV rays from damaging your skin. Even slight exposure to windows means sun can harm your skin frequently throughout the day! Try Christen Michel's SPF Spritz Spray for just $26.50 paired with our bareMinerals Finisher Veil with SPF 25 for $25.00.

  2. It's time for some spring cleaning! Now is the time to focus on cleaning sheets and bedding weekly. Doing this will help keep you from being exposed to built up bacteria and germs. Be sure to use a detergent that is free of allergens and harsh chemicals to reduce breakouts!

  3. One of the best things during social distancing has been the opportunity to let your face breathe! It's okay to not wear makeup during this time as you are giving your skin a huge break. Even though you may not be wearing makeup, be sure to cleanse your face daily to get the dirt and oil out of your pores! Pamper yourself and finish the night off with our $35 bareMinerals Mask Duo for a cleansing facial before bed.

  4. Since we can't be out on the town experiencing local restaurants every night, mix it up! Give yourself a few nights of the week to do some home-cooking with bright vegetables and balanced meals, while spending the other nights doing curbside takeout from your favorite places! Be sure to follow our Facebook group, "Eat, Drink, Shop O'Fallon" where you can find out about some of O'Fallon's best local restaurants.

  5. We are still here to support you! If you feel comfortable with coming in-salon for services, let us pamper you and text or call 636-300-3437 to request an appointment. If not, you may do a virtual consultation with one of our stylists or you can come in and treat yourself to some of your favorite in-salon products!

Stay well and safe! We hope you can take some of these tips and apply them to your life while social-distancing. You deserve to feel good!

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