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HOT 2020 Trends!

We are here to serve you some HOT 2020 trends! 🔥

trends this year

Trend #1: PASTELS 💗💛💜

We love some good pastel colors! Check out our bareMinerals line for some beautiful pastel makeup options!

glass skin trend

Trend #2: GLASS SKIN 💎

Glass skin is created by having a multi-step skincare routine as follows:

1. Double cleanse

2. Exfoliate

3. Tone

4. Add Essence

5. Serum

6. Moisturize

7. Eye Cream

8. Seal with a face mask

full eyebrow trend

Trend #3: FLUFFY BROWS 🤨

Fluffy brows may not be for everyone, but they are definitely trending around the world! You can create fluffy brows with any of the following:

- bareMinerals Master Brow Duo ($28)

- bareMinerals Brow Master ($22)

- Fab Brows ($30)

wheat blonde hair trend

Trend #4: WHEAT BLONDE 🌾✨

Blonde is one of the staple colors for spring and summer. This year, wheat blonde is a hot topic! Schedule an appointment to add some blonde pops of color by texting or calling 636-300-3437!

Slicked back haircut trend


This one's for the guys! With social distancing being present, we understand that this means your hair may be grown out a bit more than usual. Now is the time to try a new style! Set up an appointment with one of our barbers so they can shape up your hair and guide you with current, trendy styles for longer hair!

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