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New Year New You

We at Belleza Salon have declared 2019 Operation Elevation! We are excited to elevate not only our business and team, but your guest experience and education as well. To start the year off right we have put together 3 beauty resolutions for you to try out and commit to!

Revamp your product arsenal

Have you been using the same mascara since summer? THROW IT AWAY!!! Mascara is only good for 3 months! Expired hair and makeup products can cause irritation, inflammation, infection and more.

Also be aware that not all products are equal. Salon professional brands are to be purchased from a salon. If you are finding them at your local pharmacy, grocery store or online with 2 day shipping, they are diversion products. (Loreal USA has actually sued Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. for selling diversion products.) These products can be discolored, smell funky, or simply not work like they should. They are also either the same price or more expensive than salon pricing! Please shop local and support small businesses by purchasing your beauty products directly from salons.

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Take care of your hair

If you have been holding off on getting a trim, now is the time! Start this year off with a fresh cut. Split ends start at the ends of your hair, but the longer you wait, the further up the hair shaft they will split. This results in thinning hair that doesn’t seem to grow! We recommend to not go any longer than 3 months without a haircut. If you use heat every day and color it, you might have to come in sooner!

Be nice to your hair and use heat protectant when heat styling (that includes blow drying!!) Try out a new hair mask and deep condition at least once a month, in salon or at home!

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Start a skincare regimen

Your skin is your largest organ. Weird, I know! But it is important to take care of your skin! It is especially important on your face, neck and chest, which are the first to show signs of aging. A good regimen will preserve youth, prevent breakouts and improve makeup application. It will also help your makeup stay fresh longer!

Christen Michel (our in-house esthetician with her very own skin care line!!!) suggests to Cleanse, Correct, Quench and Protect. Cleanse once in the morning and twice at night. Once to remove makeup and a second to remove dirt, oil and impurities. Correct with an eye cream or spot treatment. Quench your skin with a moisturizer! Don’t forget to moisturize the rest of your body too!! And finally protect with an SPF.

new year skin care tips

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