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Clean Beauty

Clean beauty

Did you know that Hailey Bieber is a clean ambassador for beauty lines all around the world- one of them being our very own bareMinerals makeup line?

Since Hailey was a young teen, she has always remembered one beauty constant within her household: bareMinerals makeup. Her mom has always used the makeup line and it wasn't until Hailey began using makeup that she decided to use it too. She has been using bareMinerals' clean makeup products ever since!

Bareminerals O'Fallon MO

What are her favorite products?

Some of Hailey's favorite products include the following but are not limited to:

1. Bounce and Blur blush ($29)

2. Complexion Rescue ($30)

3. bareMinerals Foundation Stick ($29)

4. Mineral Veil ($25)

5. Prime Time Foundation Primer ($26)

6. Lash Domination Mascara ($20)

7. Gen Nude Neutral Eyeshadow Palette ($29)

8. Brow Master ($22)


Why bareMinerals?

Not only does Hailey appreciate the nostalgia that comes with being an ambassador with bareMinerals, but she also loves being able to accomplish a light, natural makeup look that can easily turn into glamorous for the events she attends. Hailey loves being a part of the #powerofgood campaign with bareMinerals and says it's the best thing to be a part of a company that empowers women and all types of beauty.

If you want to participate in the #powerofgood and support clean beauty like Hailey, you may visit Belleza Salon to purchase products within our bareMinerals line!

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