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Got Curly Hair? We Got You!

Do you have curly hair? This blog post is for you!

curly hair styling tips

If you want some tips and tricks for curly hair, we've got you covered! Just read the following suggestions:

1) Comb your hair from bottom to top. This will help you address any knots without damaging hair!

2) Get frequent trims to avoid split ends.

3) Use a "product cocktail." This simply means mixing products to create the best-suited product for your hair needs!

4) Incorporate a deep conditioner in your hair routine.

5) Try a diffuser on your blowdryer for perfectly styled curls.

A few different products we suggest are as followed:

Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream: $37.00

Grab some Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream to create soft curls with definition. This product is great for controlling frizz!

curly hair styling tips

Moroccan Oil Treatment: $44.00 Try our Moroccan Oil Treatment and give your hair a boost of extra hydration! This oil is a great addition to any curly hair routine to ensure your hair is getting the right amount of moisture.

Curly hair styling tips

Tecni Art Liss Control: $29.42

This product is a smoothing, lightweight cream that smooths and manages the look of unruly or frizzy hair with 24 hours of humidity protection and a built-in UV filter. Use this to define curls and waves or smooth out hair during a blow-dry.

curly hair styling tips

Pureology Beach Waves Sugar Spray: $27.31

Do you have just a slight curl to your hair and want more control? Achieve touchably soft, beachy waves with the Beach Waves Sugar Spray, a non-drying, texturizing styling spray.

curly hair styling tips

Don't wait another day to perfect your curls, follow these tips and grab these products in-salon or directly from our website today!

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