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How to Pick the Best Lip Color for You!

how to pick the best lip color for you

Are you searching for that perfect summer lip color? Search no more! We have taken some advice from a few of the top makeup artists in the industry to help you find the perfect lipstick color. Just read what they have to say below!

Step 1: Exfoliate with a lip scrub and apply a lip balm

Step 2: Start the color-finding process with the advice as follows:

FAIR SKIN: nudes, corals, and bright reds are your friend! In order to avoid being washed out, don't choose colors like deep burgundy or purple.

PINK UNDERTONES: natural colors are best-suited for you! We suggest using pink, nude, or orange colors

OLIVE SKIN: almost any colors fit with your skin tone! However, we do prefer coral!

YELLOW UNDERTONES: bronze and red colors fit your skin tone best. These are perfect for that summer glow!

DARK TONES: bold reds, oranges, and corals are the best for your skin tone. These create beautiful pops of contrasting colors!

Step 3: Blend the lip colors that best fits your needs on the back of your hand with a lip brush. If the color seems too bright, add a natural color like nude to mute the color a bit more.

Step 4: VOILA! You have the perfect lip shade that fits your skin tone best!

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